These are some of the resources have contributed greatly — some more than others — to my understanding of training, nutrition, and injuries. Also, there are different types of equipment I have used personally that are effective for bodyweight strength training. If you are looking for further education, check out these resources.

Overcoming Gravity Second Edition and Equipment


  • Overcoming Gravity (2nd Ed) is the premier book on gymnastics and bodyweight strength training.
  • The Iron Gym is a solid way to be able to perform pullups in your home without venturing to a gym.
  • Titan’s Wood rings are one of the best quality and bang for buck rings currently. They can be mounted outside or even on the Iron Gym inside.

Beginner level materials


  • Starting Strength (3rd Ed) by Mark Rippetoe is one of the best books on introductory barbell training for the aspiring athlete.
  • Practical Programming (2nd Ed) by Mark Rippetoe was written specifically to introduce you to periodization and long term planning of workouts so that plateaus aren’t an issue.
  • Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning (4th Ed) by Haff and Triplett is a solid introduction to all of the factors that go into training. This is the book that is also used for NSCA’s CSCS and CPT, which are some of the main athletic and fitness trainer certifications.

Intermediate level materials


  • 5/3/1 (2nd Ed) by Jim Wendler is likely the best intermediate training structure for those looking to make gains in strength training. Wendler’s system provides the necessary stimulus to continue to make training improvements while managing fatigue very efficiently.
  • Science and Practice of Strength Training (2nd Ed) by Zatsiorsky and Kraemer delves much deeper into programming and periodization methods than Practical Programming.
  • Functional Movement Systems by Gray Cook is an introduction to screening methods that can predict injury. Gray’s Functional Movement Screen is used by many professional organizations for their athletes such as at the NFL Combine.

  • Clinical Sports Nutrition by Burke and Deakin is basically the Bible on nutritional needs for sports. It goes into all of the factors associated with nutritional needs for sports by looking at the physiology, protein needs, energy requirements, weight loss and making weight, bone health, iron depletion, aging populations, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, diabilities, and issues with traveling and stress.

Advanced level materials


  • Supertraining (6th ed) by Mel Siff with expanded additions from Yuri Verkhoshansky builds on one of the most dense reads about the adaptive response of the human body to strength training process. This book is basically a massive summation of everything.
  • Periodization Training for Sports by Tudor Bompa and Carlo Buzzichelli builds on periodization knowledge and implements it for training into sports.

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