Are consults right for you?

Most clients who sign up for consults fall into a several distinct categories.


  • You want direction in your training, especially in terms of bodyweight training or combining bodyweight and barbell training.
  • You want an experienced coach looking over what you’re doing to feel assured.
  • You want to be be able to consult a coach about your training about any questions and needs you may have who can adjust a program to your specific situation.
  • You have an injury and physical therapy may not be an option.
  • You have an injury and you’ve tried traditional doctors and physical therapists and none of that seems to work.
  • You need an experienced hand to help guide you to working back from an injury for your daily life or sport.

If you fall into one or several of the categories above, training and/or injury consultation may be right for you.


  • You should only do consultations if you are able to be consistent with sticking to the plan. If you are inconsistent with the program(s), they probably won’t work. It will be very frustrating for both of us. Hence, if you decide to pursue this, you need to be fully committed to sticking with the plan throughout the entire month.
  • The people who tend to benefit the most from these consults and have the best progress whether in training or injuries will provide feedback every session and ask the most questions about their training. I will remind you every week if you’re not telling me about your progress, but those who get the most out of it tend to be more proactive about getting me the feedback to the program so I can modify it constantly toward their needs.

Note: This is an injuries consult, not physical therapy. Physical therapy is regulated according to the laws of different countries and states. Any information received from consultation should not be misconstrued as physical therapy, even though I am a licensed physical therapist.

The process

There is currently availability for training consultation and injuries consultation. This is the process.

  • You indicate what program(s) you are interested in.
  • I will send you question(s) so I can get an initial idea about the particular area(s) that we’re working on. Payment is due when you send me the answers back.
  • I’ll e-mail you what I’m thinking about the particular situation with a plan of action for you to look over for questions you may have.
  • We will schedule a 30-60 minute Skype call to discuss the program(s) and any question. There is no additional cost to you.
  • You send me updates after your workouts and/or weekly or month at your discretion. Typically, these range from 1-3+ times a week. If we need to modify a program based on what you are experiencing we will do it.

The payment for the month of training and/or injuries consultation does not begin until the Skype session.

Rates and services

The current rate for training and injury consults are $250* per month for one of training or injuries consultation. The rate for both is $350. The services rendered are:

  • A personally constructed assessment and program that fits your needs.
  • A 30-60 minute Skype consultation to go over the program and to answer any questions you have.
  • 1 month of e-mail follow up and support for any questions, concerns, or adjustments to the program that you may need depending on how your individual case is presenting.
  • Any subsequent months may be discounted depending on how much follow up is needed if required.

If you are interested, please indicate the program(s) that interest you below. Rates are subject to change based on availability.

* — if you have more than one injury that need consultation, it will be $50 per extra injury.